5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Whole-House Music System

How cool would it be to have the ability to listen to music in all the different spaces in your home, from your living room to the basement, using a single control system? You can make this dream a reality with a whole-house music system that is essentially a smart audio system for your entire house. You can have crisp, clear-sounding audio of your favorite jams in every part of your home. If you are wondering if you really need a whole-house music system, continue reading and learn about these five reasons that you do.

Compact and Neat

Forget about bulky high-quality audio systems. Why? They take up too much space and trying to figure out where all the plugs and wires go is a hassle that you don’t have to deal with. A whole-house audio system makes things a lot easier. The equipment can be out of sight; likely hidden away in a rack in the basement and your speakers can be in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. This eliminates the need to have equipment in each area of the house. It’s a clean, seamless solution that’s easily controlled with a single system. 

Seamless Listening in Every Room

A whole-house music system allows you to listen to music in all areas of your home. If you are doing multiple tasks that take you to different rooms around your home, you don’t have to pause your music when you leave a space. You can move around as much as you’d like and still hear your music. It’s like the music is moving with you! Whole-house music is an audio solution that simplifies how you listen to music.

Listen to a Different Song in a Different Space

In a household, family members will have a different taste in music. With a whole-house audio system, if you don’t like the music that your sibling is listening to, for example, you can change it. It allows you to play different songs in different rooms throughout your home, so essentially, everyone can listen to music they enjoy at the same time. Mom and Dad can enjoy some soul music in their room, while the kids can listen to their Nickelodeon music in their space. A whole-house audio system can do that for you, and it is essential in catering to individual music preferences.

Expand Your Music Library

With a whole-house audio system, you can expand your music library and listen to music your way. You have the chance to source music from iTunes or Amazon Music library or use streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal to enjoy a wide range of genres. The whole-house music system is designed so that it can pull songs both from your personal library cloud as well as your Internet-based stations for an incredible music playlist. It’s as easy as using an app to make your music selection and then start listening. 

Simple Displays and Controls

Even with the multitude of options that whole-house audio systems offer, it’s not complicated to control. Forget about trying to read a complicated 10-page manual. Whole-house control systems can be designed to match your preferences. You can control music through your favorite mobile device, be it your smartphone or tablet, or get a specific smart remote or touch screen option. It’s as simple as opening an app, choosing a room, making your music selection, and then hitting play.

SSAVI: Massachusetts’ South Shore Experts in Whole-House Music

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