A Surround Sound System is for More Than Movies

If you are considering purchasing a surround sound system for your home but can’t quite decide if it’s worth it, you’re not alone. Many people like the idea but fear they won’t watch enough movies to get their money’s worth. What you probably don’t know is your home theater system is for much more than just watching movies! While a movie night is a great way to enjoy the system, there are day to day uses as well.

Video Games

If you spend time playing video games, a good surround sound system will instantly take your gaming experience to the next level. The system allows you to hear not only the intense fight scenes but also the moments of silence that are so important. You’ll be able to detect an enemy coming faster than ever before and hear every sound bite as you reload or run across the screen. You’ve likely put hundreds of dollars into your gaming system, headset, games, and other accessories, so isn’t it worth it to complete the experience with the best sound?

Live Musical Performances

A good sound system can transport your mind and make you feel as if you’re actually experiencing what’s happening on the screen. While this is a great feature during a movie, what about while you watch a live musical performance? You would have the ability to watch your favorite artist perform and experience it as if you were the one in the audience recording it as it happened. From classic performances to ones that will get you so excited they shake you to your core, surround sound allows anyone, anywhere to enjoy live musical performances.

Relaxation and Meditation

As much as a great surround sound system is used to bring you to the edge of your seat, it can also be used for an interactive meditation experience. Instead of watching yoga instructions online or just “playing” a specific song to help you relax, a new surround sound system can take that experience to a deeper level than ever before. The system will envelop your body and mind in the sounds you’re listening to, blocking out all distractions around you. You’ll hear details you’ve never heard before. If you meditate while listening to the sounds of the ocean, you may just forget you’re not actually on the beach until you open your eyes. Each and every detail of your meditation or relaxation track will be heard, something traditional sound systems can’t accomplish.

SSAVI: Surround Sound Experts!

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