Advantages of the Control4 Intercom Feature

Intercom Anywhere from Control4 takes the concept of “smart homes” to the next level. Connect your mobile device to your home with Intercom Anywhere, and you will be able to control locks, lights, and more from anywhere. Take a look at some of the advantages and features of Intercom Anywhere below! 

Never miss a delivery 

When a delivery person rings your doorbell, you can choose to receive mobile alerts. You can respond to the delivery person via voice, requesting them to leave the package on the porch, or asking them to leave it just inside the door. Then you can unlock the door for them and lock it back when they have finished. You can also watch them during the process via your front door, connected camera. This can be especially convenient around the holidays or during heavy rain or snow to keep your packages from being stolen or damaged by the elements. 

Control the lights 

Intercom Anywhere also allows you to turn the lights on or off remotely. If you unexpectedly head out of town, you can turn on some of the lights in your home so that the house does not appear empty. You can also turn on the lights from inside your car before going in, so that you can immediately see once you get inside without having to fumble for a light switch or lamp. Many of us come home with our hands full, so it can be a challenge to come home to a dark house. 

Let in friends and family remotely

With Intercom Anywhere, you can lock and unlock your doors from your mobile device. This means if you aren’t sure you locked the door before leaving, you can easily check. If you are expecting company for a dinner party, but unexpectedly need to run to the store, you can let your friends and family inside. You can also let visitors inside without going to the front door if you are in another part of your home.

Talk throughout the house 

Do you feel you’re always yelling messages throughout your house, such as that it is time to leave or dinner is ready? Use Intercom Anywhere instead! Page specific family members, or send your message to all of the Intercom Anywhere devices.

SSAVI: Massachusetts Trusted Control 4 Intercom Anywhere Installation Professionals 

For more information about Intercom Anywhere’, contact South Shore Audio Video today. We are not only capable of installing Control4’s Intercom Anywhere for our customers but can demonstrate how it works and teach you how to use it. As an SSAVI client, we will always be available for any service calls you may have in the future. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and installing Control4 Intercom Anywhere for your home!