Residential & Commercial Audio/Video Installation in Braintree, MA

Over the years, South Shore Audio Video Installation has been assisting with entertainment services and installations for both residents and businesses of Braintree, MA. The town of Braintree is a popular south shore town that hosts many businesses and residents. Braintree has many points of interest for both families and visitors including, Blue Hills Reservation, Hollingsworth Park, Sunset Lake, and the South Shore Plaza to name a few.

Being only four miles away from our headquarters in Weymouth allows our technicians to provide Braintree residents with our quality services quickly. Technology is always evolving and advancing as the years go by, and we take pride in making the latest technological advances available to your home and family. Check out all of the services we offer to Braintree, MA residents below.

Home Theater Installation in Braintree, MA

Make your home the place everyone wants to be with a nice, new home theater! Home theaters are a great place to bond with your family and friends, and it even increases your home’s value! We are proud to offer our customers a variety of products to choose from, and our SSAVI team will work with you to find the best one to make your home theater dreams a reality.

Home Automation Services in Braintree, MA

Imagine being able to control the lighting, heat, music and security systems in every room of your home right from your phone! Our home automation services allow you to manage nearly every aspect of your home from wherever you may be. Similar to a home theater, home automation can also increase the value of your home. Call SSAVI today to learn more!

Commercial Audio & Video System Installations in Braintree, MA

We provide audio-video solutions for your business or commercial property, too! Just as each home is unique, every commercial property is also different. Our skilled technicians will work with you directly to find the best audio-video solution for your conference rooms, reception area, classroom, restaurant or fitness center!

SSAVI: Braintree, MA residents’ go-to audio-video consultant!

We pride ourselves in providing residents and businesses of Braintree, MA with audio-video services that they can trust for their commercial or residential entertainment needs. If you are in need of any audio or video installation services in Braintree, MA, fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (617) 283-9932!