Residential & Commercial Audio/Video Installation in Cohasset, MA

Cohasset, MA is a coastal town located in Norfolk County. Conveniently located, Cohasset is close to many amenities such as downtown Boston and the Coast of Massachusetts. First seen by Captain John Smith in 1614, the area was officially settled in 1670 and separated from Hingham in 1770 to finally become the Cohasset that we know today. Located at the very corner of the South Shore, Cohasset is where the Greater Boston Harbor ends and Massachusetts Bay starts.

Home to over 2,600 households, many resident & community service buildings of Cohasset need the services of an experienced TV installation and custom home theater company. Luckily South Shore Audio Video Installation has been serving the town of Cohasset and surrounding communities for all audio video needs and services for many years now. SSAVI is proud to be Cohasset’s premier audio video consultants for commercial and residential projects alike.

SSAVI provides these services to Cohasset and the entire South Shore of Massachusetts:

Many of Cohasset’s resident’s have trusted SSAVI for commercial and residential TV installation and home automation projects alike. Don’t believe us? Check out our testimonials from happy customers we’ve worked with in the South Shore and Greater Boston. SSAVI will assist with all A/V projects, of any size, all throughout Cohasset and surrounding South Shore towns, including Greater Boston. Kirk and his team bring quality and dependable service at affordable prices to the custom TV installation business and a great portfolio of products.

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