The Benefits of A Custom Home Theater

With prices for a night out to the cinema sky-rocketing over the years, many home owners are opting to have a custom home theater installed somewhere in their home. While the atmosphere of a traditionalcustom home theater movie theater can be hard to replicate, is it really worth the $15 ticket, $6 drinks & $10 popcorn? Opting to install a custom home theater can actually save you money in the long run. Best of all? You don’t even have to leave your own home to enjoy a great movie experience.

Not sold yet? Not only will a custom home theater installation save you money and allow you to enjoy a commercial theater experience from your own home, there are many other benefits as well!

Customize it however you want

A home theater can be installed to replicate a night out at the local theater and is much more convenient for the whole family. When it comes to customizing your new home theater the possibilities are limitless and SSAVI can help you find the right fit for your budget and space. Every aspect of your home theater can be customized; sound, picture quality, atmosphere, there is a perfect home theater setup waiting to be installed in your home. Any size space and budget can allow you to have a great theater experience in your own home.

Your theater, your schedule

Buying tickets, getting your friends and family on the same page, dealing with traffic and waiting in line. The negative aspects of going to the movies can be circumvented with your own custom home theater. You control the showing times and what’s showing. And contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t need a huge basement or room in your home to have a custom home theater, a living room, smaller basement room, guest room, or master bedroom are all great options to install your own custom home theater.

Take it to the next level

While watching movies is awesome, a home theater doesn’t limit you to only watching the latest flick. Sporting events and television shows look great in a custom home theater! For the next big game wow your friends and family by showing off your custom home theater system that makes you feel like you are there. More of a music junkie? Integrated audio and surround sound gives your favorite summer playlist concert quality sound, all right in your own home.

Custom Home Theater Installation in Greater Boston and South Shore of Massachusetts

If you would like to learn more about your options for a custom home theater installation or any other audio and video services and products, South Shore Audio Video offers sales, design and installation services to residents on the South Shore of MA and the Greater Boston area.

To get started with your next audio video project or if you just have a few questions about anything audio and video related, reach out to Kirk at South Shore Audio Video by filling out a form below give him a call at (617) 283-9932.

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