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The Components of a Smart Home

From turning on the lights and adjusting the temperature in your home, to starting music, there is an infinite amount of technology that can instantly turn your home into a smart home to help save you time and make everyday tasks easier. Thinking about implementing automation in your home? Learn more about the different components![…]

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How Smart Home Automation Can Cut Costs

Smart home technologies are often assumed to be luxury products. And though they most certainly offer many conveniences, the benefits of installing home automation systems hardly end there. In fact, they reduce your home’s energy expenditure, thereby lowering the bills as well as your carbon footprint. Considering the cost-effective and eco-friendly advantages, let’s explore the different aspects of your[…]

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How Installing Automation Increases Your Home’s Value

Home automation is the future: delivering cost savings on heating and electricity bills, enabling greater security and offering time-saving convenience. But what is home automation exactly? Home automation is an umbrella term that includes everything from smart thermostats and key-less entry systems, to smart lights and intelligent appliances. Installing any of these home automation devices[…]

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Home Automation with Control4

Turn any home, new or old, into a SMART home, with hands-on personalization, voice control, and mobile access.   1. Voice Control – Ask for tomorrow’s weather or tell your home to turn off the lights at the end of a long day. Your voice is your new remote that never gets lost. 2. Mobile[…]