Client’s Free On-site Evaluation – What to Expect

If you are interested in having residential Audio-Video services installed, South Shore Audio Video should be your first call! Our on-site evaluation process is simple, easy and designed to provide you with exceptional results. Here are the steps we take during our free on-site evaluation so you can prepare and have a solid understanding of the process.

Understand Your Goals 

When we meet, we will spend time with you in your home, in order to understand your needs and wishes, habits, likes and dislikes and discuss the project you’re interested in. While you may have your sights set on one project, such as a remote door lock and smart home lighting – let us know about anything else you may be interested in. That way, we can review everything with you while on site. Perhaps you’d like a home theater at some time in the future, music throughout your home or additional home automation features such as smart thermostats. Often, bundling these projects together can save you money in the long run, so don’t be afraid to give us your wish list! 

Have a Budget in Mind

Once we understand your goals, it is very helpful if you have an idea of what your budget is. One of the advantages of working with SSAVI is that we are able to provide multiple options to fit your budget. Our estimates come from our expert understanding of your project along with the ability to offer various product lines and different levels of products. 

At SSAVI, we pride ourselves on providing the most competitive pricing in the industry! 

Review the Proposal 

Once we’ve worked with you to create a scope of work, we will prepare a comprehensive proposal outlining the scope of work, the product recommended, and the cost involved. We will work with you to adjust, revise and make changes as needed to fit your budget and your needs. Once the scope is decided on, we will move forward, order the necessary products and schedule your installation. In addition to expert and professional installation, we will spend time with you when you’re available and when the project is wrapped up to explain the nuances and features of your new AV system! 


Your new system operation may take some time to become familiar with, and SSAVI is always available to help you through the nuances! If additional programming or any other changes are required, we are available to work on the programming either remotely or on-site, depending on the particular system that was installed. We are here to ensure you are happy with your new A/V system and that it works flawlessly and without effort!

SSAVI: Leading the Audio Video Installation Industry in Massachusetts. 

If your home or business needs an AV solution, contact SSAVI today. We will provide a seamless installation process while providing you with the best options for your project.