Common Outdoor AV Issues

Outdoor AV is a great way to accent an event or gathering, but there are a lot of things to consider. For one, AV requires dedicated, reliable power connections, as well as the ability to get cords and other accessories to reach where they need to. For a number of reasons, outdoor AV might be needed to complete an event, but it is not something to overlook or plan for lightly.

Keep these common outdoor AV issues in mind when it comes to the next time you may need to set up some electrical or digital devices outside.

Common Outdoor AV Issues

For those who have not ever completed the setup of outdoor AV, these are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that the audio or visual aspects of an event run smoothly.

Inadequate Water Tight Seals

It’s not just rain that you have to worry about when setting up AV outside. There are a number of ways that moisture can get into electrical outlets and systems, and inadequate watertight seals can shut things down or cause a safety hazard. Making sure to test watertight seals before big event helps avoid this problem. It can be tough to get out and buy new equipment the day of, and it certainly is more stress than you’d like to deal with when focused on an event or presentation. There are too many things to focus on, don’t let watertight seals be an issue. If it’s been a while since purchasing new seals, take inventory on their condition and see what might need to be purchased.

TVs and the Outdoors

For a number of reasons, TVs are not really meant to be outside. If you see TVs at a bar, they are usually covered or protected with some sort of casing. This helps keep out moisture and protect the sensitive LED or LCD screen from water build up. Make sure the TV you have is okay for the outdoors, and be sure to keep an eye on it. Any sort of dust, moisture, dirt, or pollutants can mess up the inner light bulbs and stop the TV from working altogether. Outdoor AV is a great touch for a gathering or meeting, but it comes with its challenges. Making sure to keep an eye on equipment, as well as testing safety measures for effectiveness, can help make sure everything goes smoothly. Preparing now means less stress and troubleshooting the day in need of AV support.

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