Designing Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

As the warmer weather begins to creep in, it is time to consider creating your dream outdoor living space! High-quality outdoor audio and video systems can enhance your space, creating the ultimate backyard oasis. By upgrading your outdoor space, you will feel like you are on vacation all the time. Here are some things to consider from the professionals at SSAVI!

Amount of Shade

It is important to consider the amount of shade your outdoor living space will have whether from trees or a patio roof. If it is too much, you may not be able to enjoy the sun. If it is too little, you could get too warm. Consider the placement of your entertainment space based on how much shade you prefer. 

Typical Climate

When designing your outdoor space, you want to keep the typical climate of your area in mind. This will play a big role when considering materials, furniture, and outdoor audio or video systems. 

The Acoustics of Your Outdoor Space

The acoustics of your space will dictate the kind of audio system you may want to install. If you are in an area close to a main road, highway, or public transportation, you would want to keep the background noise you hear in mind when choosing the audio system that is right for your surroundings. If you live in a quiet, secluded area, you may not have to worry as much. 


When you install an outdoor entertainment system, you want it to work! That is why it is crucial to ensure your audio and video systems will be able to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or even better via hardline ethernet. Without a decent internet connection, there is no entertainment! 


SSAVI has all of the outdoor video and audio equipment you need to create the outdoor living space you dream about. If you are looking to blend your entertainment systems into the scenery, you may go for speakers hidden as rocks or sub-woofers planted in the ground. No matter what design you desire, SSAVI has all the necessary products and installation expertise to help you create the perfect outdoor living space. 


We will design an outdoor entertainment area to fit your lifestyle and your budget! Call now for a free in-home consultation.