Elevating Your Outdoor Living Space

TOutdoor Bar TVhe summer months are a time of relaxation, with graduation parties, holiday parties, barbecues and family gatherings all happening outdoors.

Outdoor audio and video systems can elevate your outdoor living spaces with high-quality equipment that will withstand the elements and the years but be unobtrusive enough that you don’t lose any of the aesthetic qualities of your space.

Whether it’s your porch, fire pit area, deck, lawn, pool or hot tub –bring high-quality entertainment to your backyard. And with distributed A/V outside, you can blend your home entertaining experiences together.

Custom Consultation

Proper design and planning is essential for a successful installation. Many different factors will play into the system set-up, including

  • the amount of shade provided by trees or patio roofingLandscape Speakers
  • the area’s typical climate
  • the unique acoustics of the outdoor space
  • connectivity and personal usage preferences
  • the overall aesthetic appeal of the equipment

It is essential you receive a consultation about your unique A/V needs, and to have a customized design plan for your project.

Specialized Equipment

You can’t move indoor A/V equipment outside and expect it to perform well, or for a long time. Outdoor audio and video equipment requires special technology – with the ability to withstand extreme heat, cold and insects.   An Outdoor Television is brighter and more durable and contains antiglare properties, all necessary for a pleasurable viewing experience.

SunBrite Pro Series Outdoor TVIf your budget allows, you can add different styles of speakers, wall mounted, in ceiling, rock or landscape, within your space for a more immersive surround sound experience.

Whether your family loves to watch sports or loves their music or both, we will work with you to find the equipment that fits your outdoor living space best.  We will design an outdoor entertainment area to fit your lifestyle and your budget!