Outdoor Televisions, What Should I Be Concerned With?

An Outdoor TV allows you to enjoy the warm weather without missing your favorite sporting events, shows, and, if you are lucky weather-wise here in New England, it will carry you into the fall and possibly early winter football games! We have installed outdoor TVs in pool areas, deck and patios along with restaurants outdoor seating areas. Check out our industry blog for tips on what to be concerned with when considering an Outdoor TV purchase and installation.


A solid power source is important. Your outdoor TV requires a properly installed outdoor power outlet and SSAVI will work with an electrician to ensure you have a proper power source for your TV.

Stormy Weather, not a problem

If a little rain or even light snow is in the forecast, you have no worries, other than wearing the appropriate clothing! When SSAVI installs an outdoor TV it’s meant to be utilized in New England weather. Power and cables are properly installed and secured, and the TV will be mounted utilizing a mount manufactured for outdoor use. If the breeze picks up, no problem, the TV will be securely mounted.

Choosing the right outdoor TV for your viewing area

We recommend SunBrite Outdoor TVs, specifically designed for outdoor use. They have models available in a variety of sizes from 32” to 75” and for full sun, partial shade and full shade areas, so you know you will always get the best picture. SSAVI has been installing outdoor TVs for homes and businesses for several years now. If you are considering a TV to enhance your outdoor living space or for your restaurant outdoor seating area, call the experts at SSAVI today for a free consultation!