Picking the Right Sized TV for your Living Room

When you’re thinking about purchasing a new TV for your living room, you shouldn’t simply choose the biggest one that fits your budget. Not all living rooms are created equal. Some are very large, and others may be on the smaller side. That huge TV monitor that’s been catching your eye won’t be convenient in smaller spaces, whereas they may suit a spacious area perfectly.

Even if you buy the biggest TV out there, that doesn’t guarantee perfect image quality. Depending on your viewing distance, your screen’s resolution can affect the viewing experience. If you’re unsure of how to figure out which TV is best for your living room, there’s no reason to fret. There’s a simple way to ensure you’re choosing the right model. It’s worth taking a small amount of time instead of running the risk of buying one you’ll need to return.

Take some measurements

The first step in figuring out what TV is right for your living room is to pull out a good old- fashioned measuring tape. Measure the distance from where you’ll be watching TV to where you’re planning on placing it. Once you’ve figured out the measurement in inches, you want to divide it by three. That’ll give you the perfect diagonal length your TV should have that’s proportionate to your living room and viewing distance.

Do make sure to measure the length, depth, and width of the location you’ve reserved for your new TV. You’ll be happy you did so, as there’s nothing worse than unwrapping a brand new purchase only to find that it doesn’t fit or isn’t able to be mounted in the place you imagined. Speaking of mounted televisions, if you’re not planning on securing yours to the wall, you should measure the width of the TV stand. If you buy a model that includes one, the measurement will likely be listed among the product specs. Make sure to compare that measurement to the size of the item you want to place the television on, as you don’t want your brand-new item to tumble over.


There’s another factor to consider besides distance: resolution. Depending on how far away you sit while watching TV, higher or lower resolution models could fit the bill. If you’re an up-close viewer, you’re going to want a high-resolution television, such as a 4K TV, as you’re more likely to notice pixelation. If you’re going to be watching from a distance, you could manage with a lower resolution model, such as a 1080p TV, without noticing any visual disturbances.

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It’s as simple as that. If you can get your hands on a measuring tape and do some basic math, there’s no reason not to buy the best TV that fits your budget. Just pay attention to your viewing distance, wall space (for mounted models) or tv stand sizes (for standing models), as well as the appropriate resolution. With these factors at the forefront, you’ll be happy and confident that you made the right choice. If you don’t have the time or would like an expert in TV installations to take over this type of project, be sure to give SSAVI a call today!