Planning for Outdoor Speakers

Are you ready to bring backyard barbeques to the next level with music for the whole party to enjoy? Do you want to add ambiance to your Sunday morning porch yoga? It is time to look into outdoor speakers! Installing outdoor speakers allows you to enjoy everything you love about your speakers inside, outdoors. Rather than bringing a speaker from onside your house outside and expose it to elements it may not be used to, outdoor speakers are built to last through all types of weather, wind, dust, and rain.

If you are thinking about installing outdoor speakers in your outdoor space, there are some things to think about before installation. 

Check Out Your Space

Before you plan the location and number of speakers you want to install, inspect the layout of your outdoor space. Picture where your guests would be hanging out to see which spot would be best for them to be able to hear but not have them blasting in their ear. If your space is big enough to need more than one speaker, the basic rule of thumb is to place them at least 10 feet apart, but no more than 12 for the best, balanced sound. 

Choose a Style

After taking a good, hard look at your space, it is time to determine what kind of speakers would look and fit best into the space you have. These are our favorite options! 

  • Mounting: You may choose to mount your speakers on the outside wall of your home, or in the corners of the deck, or under your patio to cover a backyard area. These are a few favorite choices close to your home, the running of wires may be easier also as they are located closer to your home and perhaps a basement to house the amplification for the speakers. 
  • Hidden/Disguised speakers: Disguised speakers have been part of outdoor decor for a good while now. They allow you to keep your yard looking as though it is an entirely natural oasis while having the high-tech technology you desire. The most popular design of disguised speakers are rocks, lanterns, plants, and other common decor items. These speakers will take up some space in your patio or yard, so make sure to plan your space accordingly. 

Plan With South Shore Audio Video

The South Shore Audio Video team knows all there is to know about outdoor speaker design and installation. If you are planning to upgrade your outdoor space this summer, make sure to call SSAVI to help you through every step of the process.