Pre-Wire Your Home for Home Automation

Are you in the process of a new build? Building your dream home from the ground up is an exhilarating experience. Every single thing is custom made by you and for you; the layout, paint colors, tiles, even down to the door handles; you carefully chose every single detail. 


If you hope to turn your new construction into a smart home, pre-wiring your new build is essential. Planning ahead is critical when designing for home automation. Though it is possible to install home automation after all the walls are up, you end up saving time and money when you plan for a smart home beforehand. Follow along to see what you should specifically be pre-writing in your home. Luckily, the expert technicians at SSAVI will come out to your new construction home to assist in the planning and subsequent phases. 


A solid infrastructure is necessary when constructing your home for internet connection. You can avoid losing connection and wifi delays by hardwiring switches and access points before walls come up. 

Entertainment Systems

One of the most popular trends going on in interior design right now is hidden cords and wires. Everyone is tired of seeing the jumble of cables knotted up behind their televisions and speakers. Pre-wiring your home will completely eliminate the sight of tangled wires in your home. All of your entertainment system cords and wires will be hidden neatly behind your walls. Home automation will also allow for all your entertainment systems to be controlled from one device. 

No more questioning which remote controls what!

Security Systems

Quality security systems require a lot of cording both inside and outside your home because cameras, sensors, and intercoms are involved in one system. Though there are wireless options, the best home protection system you can install is a hard-wired security system. Pre-writing your home for these security systems will allow you to protect your home and family as best as possible. 


If you are interested in including lighting in your home automation, pre-wiring will help you tremendously. Wires will be necessary to link all lights, keypads, and dimmers throughout your home to connect to your control panel. 

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The expert technicians at SSAVI have over a decade of experience pre-writing homes for home automation installations. If you are interested in installing home automation in your new construction, make sure to give us a call today or fill out our online contact form