Residential Audio Video Installation in Wellesley, MA

South Shore Audio-Video Installation is happy to assist residents in Wellesley, Massachusetts with creating a unique entertainment experience within their own homes. Our trustworthy team of experienced experts will deliver high-quality equipment and installation services in a timely and efficient manner. Our company provides a wide variety of installation services pertaining to audio-video systems. Our installation service include, but are not exclusive to, 


  • Home automation systems
  • Home theater systems
  • Outdoor living space audio and video systems 
  • Commercial audio and video systems

Home Theater Installation in Wellesley, MA 

From both a visual and aural perspective, a home theater can add another dimension to the enjoyment of watching a game, a movie, or one of your favorite TV shows. After our team has consulted with you at your home, we begin the process of selecting and installing the home theater system that was meant for your living space. 

Home Automation Services in Wellesley, MA 

A home automation system will provide you with the opportunity to control certain functionalities within your home with ease. SSAVI can assist you with turning your home into a SMART home. Imagine being able to easily turn on your lights, control the brightness of your TV screen, or your entire entertainment setup. We keep up with the latest trends in technology and are able to give you the recommendations needed to create a SMART home tailored to your preferences. 

Commercial Audio and Video Installation in Wellesley, MA 

SSAVI regularly performs installation services for commercial buildings for a wide variety of businesses. We understand the importance of small businesses and feel very strongly about making sure that they have an audio video system that will allow them to grow and thrive. Our team will perform the necessary installations needed for a system that is meant to bolster your audience and employee engagement. 

Contact South Shore Audio Video Installation for audio-video consultation! 

South Shore Audio Video Installation is proud to install audio-video systems for both residential and commercial establishments alike. Our experienced team is second to none when it comes to providing insightful recommendations and a seamless installation process. We know that you’ll be satisfied with the results that we can provide you with. Contact us today for a consultation at (617) 283-9932, or fill out a contact form.