Residential & Commercial Audio/Video Installation Services in Weston, MA

Weston is a friendly, quaint town located in the metropolitan area of Boston. The town prides itself on maintaining its small-town feel while being close to the city. Preserved outdoor areas are abundant for residents to enjoy parks, fields, and forests. 


The expert team at SSAVI is proud to provide our audio/video installation services to all residents and small businesses of Weston, Massachusetts!

Home Automation Installation Services in Weston, MA

Homeowners all over are investing in home automation technology. With such advances in technology, home life becomes a breeze. You can control every aspect of your house from the palm of your hand. Need to turn the lights on in the morning? Grab your phone! Did you forget to lock your doors when you left the house? The smart technology on your phone allows you to lock it from wherever you are. There are countless features and benefits of home automation installation in Weston! 

Whole House Music Installation Services in Weston, MA

Whole house music allows you to enjoy anything you desire to listen to throughout every room in your house. If you want to jam to your oldies’ music while your kids listen to their pop jams, that is possible with whole-house music! SSAVI has an extensive selection of the best speakers available for you to enjoy in your home. Enjoy streaming music anywhere in your house at any time!

Home Theater Installation Services in Weston, MA

All of the over 3,700 households in Weston deserve incredible, custom, cozy home theaters designed and installed by the experts at SSAVI. Quality family time is essential, and where better to spend that time than in your beautiful, comfortable home theater. Our design and installation team is happy to work with you to customize your perfect home theater. 

Commercial Audio/Video Installation Services in Weston, MA

Businesses of all sizes in all industries in Weston can benefit dramatically from installing the latest technology in their workspaces or offices. SSAVI understands the unique requirements of each commercial space. Our technicians will happily come out to your business to work closely with you to design an audio/video system that best fits your needs. Collaboration, efficiency, and experience will improve at your company almost immediately. 

We offer commercial solutions for:

  • Boardrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Reception/Waiting Rooms
  • Restaurant and Bars
  • Professional Office Spaces
  • Schools and Libraries
  • Retail Spaces
  • Fitness Centers

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