Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Office A/V System

It’s essential for you to keep your business technology and digital platforms current and relevant. Having outdated equipment can be the factor that hinders the success of your business. Effective communication in the workplace is crucial, and having the most up-to-date audio-visual equipment in your conference room is an important part in doing so. Technology is continually changing and staying ahead of the competition, even in the area of communication, is vital for business success. Here are some of the signs that indicate it’s time to upgrade your office or corporate space A/V system. 

Displays Not Functioning Properly

You want your A/V system’s displays to show instantaneously when you turn it on. Some indications that your displays are not working properly include delayed display of pictures, jolt or knock for displays to appear, the need to plug the power cord in and out several times or the need to turn on the “ON” button on the panel multiple times. Also, look out for flickering displays and sizing issues with the source video that’s needed for a presentation. These are all clear signs that something is not quite right with your A/V system. 

Multiple Media Types and Locations

If your business is expanding and/or you will have a need for multiple media types to accommodate meetings or conferences with multiple locations, an upgrade of your A/V system may be necessary. The modern corporate meeting utilizes multimedia media systems that have both audio and video that supports several locations and sources (Blu-Rays, laptops, DVDs, the company Intranet, the Internet). You want to ensure that routing and switching functions, whether over fiber optic or some other source, allows for seamless communication between individuals. Your business’ A/V system should not limit your capacity to support multiple media types and meeting locations. 

Problem After Problem

You know you need to update your A/V system when problem after problem arises. When this happens, things will only get worse. Rather than continually spending money on repairing your broken A/V system, simply replace it. This will likely save you money, and you will have the peace of mind that your meeting will run smoothly with an updated A/V system.

Bundle of Wires

Too many wires can get in the way of setting up your meetings. If wires are running all over the place, they not only pose a risk for accident and injury, but they are unsightly to look at as well. 

Furthermore, they can become damaged if trampled on. With an updated A/V system, you can limit all the wires and remove the worry of which wire goes where. Some A/V options, like the Power over Ethernet (POE), don’t require a separate charger to operate additional equipment that accompanies the unit. Contact SSAVI to learn more. 

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