SSAVI Recommends Steps to Keep Your Home Automation Systems Secure

As more and more people begin to make (at least part) of their homes “smart” – it is important to keep those systems secure. If any of those systems are breached, it can leave your home and systems vulnerable. Here are some important steps to take to keep your home automation systems secure:

Secure Your Router 

Many people never change their router password from the manufacturer’s default password. This leaves their system very vulnerable to hackers and invaders. Change your password to something that is very difficult to guess. This means not using birthdays, street addresses, or anything basic like “123password”. Be sure to include at least one special character and one number. You should also enable WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) authentication for extra protection – if you are not sure if your router has this capability, talk to your internet company. 

Use Reputable Brands 

When it comes to your home automation systems, be sure to choose a well-known company, like Control4. Their products have the latest security available in addition to a wide variety of features. Less expensive, specialty home automation options tend to have weaker security features than Control4 products, which could leave your home and your family vulnerable. 

Keep Your Smart Home Applications Updated 

You know those annoying updates you never install until something stops working? Yes, those. Stop avoiding those updates. Smart home device manufacturers release regular updates to fix any security vulnerabilities discovered in the application associated with the device. If you aren’t installing these updates shortly after they are released, you are leaving your system vulnerable. If you are nervous or unsure of how to update the system, contact SSAVI today. 

Change Your Passwords Often 

If you have a chore reminder or other maintenance items you perform on a regular basis, you should also add changing your passwords to your calendar. This means changing your passwords to your home automation applications, your router, and your cell phone. If you need help creating new, strong passwords, consider using a password generator. If you are worried about forgetting passwords, you can store them securely in an app such as PassPack. 

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Is your home automation system secure? If you can’t be totally sure and you live in the Greater Boston area, contact SSAVI today! We have been helping secure automation systems in Boston homes for years.