The Benefits of Hidden Tech

Odds are, you are using the audio/video technology you have in your home every single day. You may even have multiple systems around your home! Movies, music, and television bring loved ones into one space to spend quality time. When sharing these special moments, the last thing you want to be looking at is tangled wires and bulky systems! Follow along as the expert audio and video installers at SSAVI share tips and tricks to keep your tech hidden!

Hidden Audio

Speaker placement can allow for a fully immersive experience, as though you are in the movie theater! You are able to attain this experience while keeping your speakers hidden in various ways, including:

  • In-ceiling speakers: Installing speakers in your ceiling will allow for discretion while giving off high-quality sound. These are great if you are interested in whole-house music; all ceiling speakers can sync and play the same song in every room! You are even able to customize them to match seamlessly with your existing ceiling. 
  • Mounted in-wall speakers: These speakers are completely flush with your wall, making it seem as though they were built into the home; it is a fantastic look! Not only does it look great, but ear-level speakers create a bit of sound dimension. These speakers are absolutely perfect for a theater room. 

Hidden Displays

Hidden televisions are becoming increasingly popular in interior design trends. These displays blend into rooms seamlessly. A couple more popular trends include:

  • Flush in-wall display: When you create a dedicated space in your wall for your television, it looks like it is supposed to be there. Rather than simply having a TV on a stand, it seems like it is a part of the design when it is flush on a wall. 
  • TV Lifts: If you are looking to get your television completely hidden when you are not actively using it, there are options! TV lifts are able to move your TV to wherever you would like, including hidden away in a dedicated cabinet that is fit for your television. 

Hidden Wires

When you have cable boxes, video game systems, speakers, and extras all connected to your television, wires end up getting tangled and nestled together. Not only is it a pain, but it is also an eyesore! Luckily with today’s technology, you are able to hide all of your wires either behind your audio-video system or in a custom-built cabinet dedicated to hiding your wires. If your home is new construction, you may even consider pre-wiring your home behind your walls if you already have a plan for the systems that will be installed down the line. 

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