The Benefits of Installing a Surround Sound System

There are countless benefits to installing a surround sound system in your entertainment center. If you find yourself and your family around the TV after dinner for a fun movie night or to catch the game, you may want to consider an upgrade! Quality time is precious, and what could be better than actually feeling like you are all at the theater or as though you are at the ballpark! With a high-quality surround sound system installed by SSAVI, your home will feel as though you have VIP access to every movie and sports game from the comfort of your own couch! 

Follow along as our experts go over just a few of the endless benefits of installing a surround sound system. 

Immersive Experience

When you watch a movie at the theater, you do not hear sound coming from just one spot. The sound is immersive and causes you to feel as though you are where the characters are on the screen. Imagine the possibilities of having this kind of sound experience in your home! From the latest movies to championship games, everything will be more exciting with this incredible, immersive sound. 


You can completely customize your surround sound to your preferences. Do you like a loud bass? Turn it all the way up! Where you place your surround sound is also completely customizable to your liking. Your entire surround sound experience is personalized to you!

More Than Sound

When subwoofers are added to the surround sound equation, your movie experience turns 4D. You will feel the vibrations of your favorite superhero defeating the villain; you will feel the intense crash of the opposing football players tackling; it changes your experience completely! You will go from being on your couch to feeling as though you are courtside. 

Professional Installation

Rather than setting up a couple of speakers where you think they should be, professionals will be sure to give you the best sound experience possible. When you come to experts like the team at SSAVI, they will ensure that you have the best sound setup possible while making sure it is entirely custom to your preferences! 


If you are interested in learning more or installing a new surround sound system, be sure to contact the expert A/V installation team at SSAVI today! We have an extensive selection of the best surround sound systems in the industry and a tea of expert installers. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get started!