You Purchased A New TV, Now What?

Upgrades To Make Your New TV Installation Even Better

Maybe you took advantage of Black Friday deals on a beautiful new television, or maybe you were really good this year and got everything on your wishlist.  Either way, you have a great new tv! Now it’s time to install it, but where do you begin? There are a lot of things to consider when taking on this project, and South Shore Audio Video is always available to take the stress out of this process with quick installation and prompt customer service that routinely exceeds our customers’ expectations.  We also manage the installation to hide those ugly cords that hang down and take away from the overall aesthetic of your home theatre area.

Besides basic installation, there are many ways to enhance your home theatre system when setting up your new television.  Creating your perfect home theatre system can be challenging to visualize, especially if you’re not sure what products are out there.  Fortunately, we have over 30 years of experience to help you choose and install the products that are right for your home and lifestyle.  Consider these upgrades to your home theatre system:


  • Elevated Acoustics – upgrading your speaker system is a great way to take your television acoustics from boring to amazing.  You’ll feel like you’re right on the sidelines when cheering for your favorite team, and family movie night has never sounded so good.  Instead of paying exorbitant ticket prices at the movie theatre, gather everyone at home where talking and bonding is easy in a movie room that everyone wants to be in.
  • Easy One-Touch Controls – We offer the latest in home theatre and one-touch control technology to make using your new system a breeze.  You know how there is a remote control for every system in the entertainment center, and you know they’re all connected correctly but never seem to work?  We can offer you a URC universal remote-control system or a Control4 system that serves as a one stop shop for your system’s audio and video controls.  Multiple confusing remotes become a thing of the past when we install URC or a Control4 system and you can manage your home theatre with ease.

All our work is customized to align with your family’s needs, budget, and unique space.  Installing a home theatre upgrade is not only a great way to add value to your home, but it gives everyone a central gathering space to enjoy the entertainment together.  Call Kirk at 617-283-9932, or contact us online to get started on your home theatre.