Why You Need a Whole House Music System

Whole house music systems are a whole new ball game when it comes to speakers. Listening to music throughout your entire home has never been so simple! If music is an important part of your family’s life, whole house music systems could be life-changing. These audio systems allow you to completely immerse yourself in the music playing throughout your home. Read further to learn some more information about whole house music systems!

Listen to the Same Song in Every Room

Yes, it is possible to do this with regular speakers. However, the amount of connecting to phones and other devices can be extensive and the sound is not always evenly dispersed. With whole house music, these hassles are a thing of the past. You can listen to music throughout your home that will automatically distribute sound evenly. You will be dancing from your bedroom to the kitchen in the morning while enjoying your favorite tune!

Listen to Different Music Throughout the House

You are in the kitchen and want to blast music from your past, but your kids are in the playroom hoping to listen to their favorite songs; who wins that battle? No compromise necessary when you install a whole house music system! You are free to listen to whatever you would like in the room you are in while everyone else can enjoy their music at the same time! 

Easy to Control

Whole house music systems are ridiculously easy to control right from the palm of your hand! You would think for such a high-quality, high-tech system that controls would be a hassle, but it is quite the contrary. You can choose the kind of device that will control your audio system. You can choose to use your smartphone, a separate tablet dedicated to controlling your system, or its own smart control remote. You are able to control it in whatever way is best and easiest for you and your family. 

Seamless Design

Whole house music systems give you the ability to keep your speakers hidden and seamlessly integrated inside your home. They can be placed in ceilings or walls and are all connected to one system. This eliminates clunky speakers and tangled wires from laying around your home!! 

South Shore Audio Video

South Shore Audio Video are experts at whole house music system installations! Our team has been proud to provide audio and video services for over 30 years. We would love the opportunity to upgrade your home with a whole house music system. For any further questions about these audio systems, feel free to contact SSAVI today at 617-283-9932.