Why You Should Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

Having a Smart Home sounds like you are in a “Back to the Future”-like movie. However, smart homes are now a reality! Smart homes are cutting-edge technology that allows you to control every feature of your home from the palm of your hand, whether it be from a tablet or smartphone. Your lights, sound, thermostat, and locks are controlled from your fingertips. Not only does it make you feel like you are living in the future, but it can also drastically benefit your family and your home’s value. Follow along for reasons why you should turn your home into a smart home! 

Save Energy

When you can control your home from your smartphone, you can turn things off from wherever you are, even if you are not currently in your home. When you forget to turn off a light, you are able to turn it off without turning back around! You can adjust the thermostat of your home or even turn it off while you are away. Some features include sending you notifications for lights or appliances left on! This can drastically decrease your energy bill! 


It is time to start making your home work for you! You are able to make your daily life as easy as possible. You can have your smart home open up your curtains for you in the morning, turn off lights from your hand or by the sound of your voice, and play your cleaning playlist throughout your whole home. Life at home will be a breeze!


Smart homes offer security that alarm systems cannot provide. You can set up constant live-streaming from your home that you can see all day and night with night vision on your smartphone or tablet. Your smart home will also notify you if there is motion detected at nighttime. You will also have the option to link your lights, camera, and doorbell to intimidate anyone trying to get in. Bring safety in your home to a whole new level! 


There are endless reasons why transforming your home into a smart home is an excellent idea for your family. Your daily life will be more comfortable and convenient, you will have an extra blanket of security, and you will save money on your monthly bills! If you are interested in a smart home, make sure to call the experts at SSAVI! We have a professional installation team that is well-versed in smart home technology. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to get started!